Abit Unveils The FunFab P80 Digital Photo Frame And Printer

We have to say that while we weren’t a all that surprised to see these digital photo frame-printers at Computex (come on, someone was bound to come up with that idea eventually), we were a little surprised to see that they came from Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer, Abit.

The FunFab frames are digital frames boasting built-in 6 by 4 inch dye sublimation printers, a card reader and a girly name. Basically, you stick in your card and after a couple of clicks, your digital pictures are now tangible snaps. Abit also says that it can connect directly to your mobile phone.

We’d like to reassure Abit fans that fretting about the lack of hardware on show from the company would be premature. The company says it will also be showcasing flagship products from its traditional motherboard line and we’ll see some MID (mobile internet devices) before the show is over.

The FunFab looks quite bulky at the back but it is a printer after all. At the same time you’d want to make sure your shelf or mantelpiece is wide enough to accommodate the device. In what seems to be a running theme with products at Computex 2008, they also come in a wide range of colours and shapes; some are pretty cool, some are not. The pictures below should give you some idea on how they can range from classy to tacky in a couple of quick jumps.

The Abit FunFab P80 (that name gets us every time) is also one of the products up for a Computex 2008 Design Award. These are awards we have organised for products, which we think have particularly innovative designs. However, we know our taste is not always your taste so it’s up to you to vote for what you think is best, and where would the fun be if you didn’t get to vote for the worst? Click here to jump to the awards pages.

The FunFab is available now and retails at $199.