AMD ships first processors manufactured at Chartered

Sunnyvale (CA) - AMD announced on Wednesday that it began its first revenue shipments of AMD 64 processors that have been manufactured at Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing in Singapore. AMD uses Chartered as contracted manufacturing partner to support increased demand for its microprocessors.

According to AMD, Chartered ramped 300mm production at Fab 7 "in record time, hitting all major milestones and starting production at mature yields." The company did not provide details which processor models are being built at Chartered, but mentioned that the new contracted capacity contributes to the firm's ability to "scale and flex production in line with customer demand."

AMD and Chartered originally announced a manufacturing agreement in late 2004 that targeted a volume production of AMD 64 processors in the second half of 2006. While the Fab 7 currently produces 90 nm chips, AMD mentioned that Chartered will transition to 65 nm processors by mid of 2007.