AMD Now Has a Gaming Evolved Social/Tweaking App

AMD has partnered with Raptr to release the AMD Gaming Evolved App, a downloadable desktop client designed to make "PC gaming as simple as consoles". This app promises to help AMD customers get the most out of their gaming rigs by suggesting customized optimal game settings. Users can also earn rewards by playing supported PC games, broadcast live gameplay via the Twitch service, take in-game screenshots, browse the internet and chat with friends.

"We’ve watched Raptr build a hugely successful platform and it’s clear that they understand what gamers want," said Matt Skynner, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Graphics Business Unit, AMD. "The Gaming Evolved App Powered by Raptr allows our users get the most out of their gaming rigs while tapping into a thriving community where they can share their experiences and get rewards."

Upon installation, this client will scan all games installed locally on the PC and line them up in the left column on the app's Home screen. Users have the option of optimizing these games for their hardware specs using data collected from the AMD community. Users also have the option of joining communities based on each listed game, which can be accessed by clicking the Community tab next to Game Settings, or hitting the main Community settings button at the top.

Unfortunately, out of the 50+ games I have installed, Diablo III, Doom 3 BFG Edition and Skyrim were the only games with optimization data (the full supported list is here). All three weren't up to snuff according to the client, and a single click instantly changed the antialiasing and texture LOD bias to acceptable levels in Doom 3 BFG. Changes made in Diablo 3 included max background FPS, shadow quality, texture quality and so on.

Users can choose between three levels when optimizing their games: Performance for faster framerates, Balanced for a mix of visual splendor and performance, and Quality for maximum eye candy. There's a "revert" button that will return games to their original state if the changes are for the worse.

"Optimal game settings are determined using system and game data captured from millions of PCs stored in Raptr's Cloud combined with extensive testing of various combinations of GPUs, CPUs, and resolutions," Raptr said.

AMD's client is actually broken down into five parts: the Home screen, Rewards, Community, Profile and Games. The latter Games section actually serves up free titles consisting of World of Tanks, TERA: Rising, Brick-Force, Dragon's Prophet, Warframe, League of Legends (of course), Rumble Fighter, The Settlers Online, Battle Pirates and War Commander. The Profile section allows users to update their status, follow other users, and send messages, among other features.

On the Rewards page, gamers have a number of supporting titles such as Dead Island, Minecraft, Rift, Pychonauts, among others. For instance, by downloading and installing Warframe for the first time during a two-month window starting August 21, players can claim the Warframe Starter Pack. Become an Elite player or above in MicroVolts, and claim a MicroVolts suit.

Users of the AMD/Raptr app also have direct access to pre-generated widgets docked on the desktop screen including broadcasting live video, taking screenshots, viewing the screenshot galley, accessing Facebook, checking the weather and so on. Ultimately by teaming up with Raptr, AMD has combined social networking with a handy tool for boosting game performance on AMD hardware in a single desktop package.

The AMD Gaming Evolved App is now available in open beta. To get started, head here.

Nvidia offers a similar solution for GeForce-based customers called GeForce Experience, but without the social features and rewards. Nvidia's desktop client can be downloaded here.

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