Android 4.4 KitKat is Official, Can Run on 512 MB of RAM

Google today celebrated Halloween with two "treats" for Android fans. One was the Nexus 5, which has been driving rumor mills over the last few weeks. The other was Android 4.4 KitKat.

Originally named Key Lime Pie, Android 4.4 KitKat brings a host of updates to Android users. This includes a new Phone app, which Google says will make searching for contacts, nearby places and more even easier. There’s also a new version of Hangouts, which puts SMS, MMS, videos calls, and other conversations all in one place.

Google also worked on making Android smarter, so now you can get to Google Now with one swipe on the home screen and say, “Ok, Google’ to initiate any number of actions (such as voice search, sending texts, getting directions or playing music).

Google has also worked on making Android 4.4 KitKat accessible to those with older devices or devices with memory constraints. This was done by reducing the OS’s memory footprint by getting rid of unnecessary background services and reducing memory consumption of certain features. The end result is that Android can now run comfortably on a phone with 512 MB of RAM.

The Nexus 5 will ship with KitKat, and Google plans to ship the newest version to Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Galaxy S4 and HTC One users in the coming weeks. Though Nexus 5 orders aren’t shipping for another week, it’s likely those buying the phone will be the first to get the Nexus 5.

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  • logox
    Looks like it is time to upgrade my old HTC Vivid. Sure hope prices will drop on the S4 or HTC One soon.
  • thundervore
    Hopefull this will come to my HTC One VX. We just got Jelly Bean about a month ago and I know ATT loves to just give users 1 OS update then abandon the device shortly after just like they did with the Aria.

    Hurray for XDA!
  • targetdrone
    With all these sweets does Android have an insulin pump app?
  • fazzeren
    At the end of the article, you mean "Though Nexus 5 orders aren’t shipping for another week, it’s likely those buying the phone will be the first to get the new OS."

  • ern88
    Wonder if my old HTC one V will rx this awesome update....PROB NOT!!!
  • xbom392
    Galaxy Nexus & Android 4.4 (KitKat) FAQs here:
  • house70
    MY SGS 4 GP Edition will have it within a week, probably at the same time as Nexus 4.

    otacon just proved once again his complete ignorance about the subject. ISP? WTF are you talking about, child? Do you know what ISP means?
  • Ayaseharuka
    Can Run on 512 MB of RAM?In other words.the gakaxy s can run this operate system?
  • memadmax
    My phone maker refuses to update...
  • somebodyspecial
    I would rather see an OS that says requires 4GB than 512mb...LOL. Great they turn stuff off that isn't needed but I want manufacturers forced to more ram not less. How much is 1GB vs. 4GB? A crucial 4GB module is $31 on newegg, and I'm sure companies selling 10-40mil phones per model get it far cheaper, laptop memory isn't much more so no matter what they're using here I'd rather see Google start forcing 4GB or something or you can't run their OS (not asking for a pig os just for google to force us to 4GB or be alienated from the ecosystem). How will we ever get better apps if they continue to ship 1 or 2GB models still? Considering people buy 1Billion phones per year now, in little more than 2yrs we could get everyone on 4GB which would change developer directions quickly. Google can easily force this or kick you out of the app system which almost kills most companies (not many can pull an amazon and create all their own apps, store etc). All google did was make room for even lower end models. WHAT FOR? With 20nm 64bit cpus coming shortly shouldn't we be shooting for more ram NOW? Samsung has 3GB modules now, at least make that the min. MORE MORE MORE...LOL.