Tom's Guide: 12 Business Simulation Games for Android

Sure, racing games and shoot 'em ups are exciting, but there's something to be said for building an empire or ensuring the smooth day-to-day operations of theme park of hospital. The Tom's Guide team has put together a list of the best business simulation games for Android users. Be sure to check out '12 Business Simulation Games for Your Android Device.'

The mobile gaming revolution has brought just about every gaming genre, from first person shooters to war games and empire builders, to our smartphones. But not all games are about battle and conflict with some tapping into the more constructive side of your inner gamer. Business simulations, city builders, and other management games let you unleash your inner business man or entrepreneur. Found your own mega-corporation, build a town from the ground up, or sail the high seas in search of fortune with these 12 business and management games for Android phones and tablets!

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  • damianrobertjones
    It's odd that this site doesn't have a games section tab yet here's an article for Android games? Any chance of Windows mobile and iPhone articles?