Apple Hires AMD's Trinity Engineer John Bruno

Until recently, Bruno was system architect at AMD and responsible for "all aspects of the definition and delivery of the 2012 Comal platform that includes the Trinity Fusion APU," according to his LinkedIn profile.

The profile reveals that he joined Apple as a system architect, but there is no further information about his new responsibilities. His expertise is in the integration of the Trinity APU and covers a range of graphics chipset projects at AMD, including the 690G, 780G and 880G. According to Slashgear, Bruno was part of AMD's 10 percent job cut last November, that led some of them to take on SoC design roles at companies such as Samsung.

The Internet rumor mill is full of ideas what Bruno could be doing at Apple. One example could be that Apple would leverage him on the road to ditch Intel processors in its notebook and/or desktop computers. Bruno did not reply to our request for comment on his new job.


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  • uglynerdman
    I dont know what to say about the last part. that would require amd to make mobile parts that are at least on par with entry level i7, so i dont believe that speculation to be true. i just think apple reaallly doesnt like samsung that much. Though I can see AMD in the Tablet market and he could help with that greatly. Meanwhile its sad to see that amd is cutting valuable resources from the crappy failed ideas of cory read from loss of profits. At this rate AMD will never pay a dividend.
  • tomfreak
    Not sure whats the point of this, but AMD are lack of cash now, Apple can make use of its cash to give AMD some resource "help" at the same time demanding AMD to design "special" x86 APU for apple/mac alone, completely dropping hackintosh. After all Radeons are far better than crappy Intel GPU anyway.

    I see this as a gain from both sides if they ever wanna go for it. suck to kill hackintosh but hey.... if the cash does help AMD to stay more competitive to Intel, Why not.
  • ubercake
    As long as Apple can continue to place two year old hardware in a pretty white package, people will buy up whatever they are selling. It doesn't matter who's working there or what technology is in the Apple machines.

    Kudos to the employees of the Apple marketing engine. They are the best on the planet.