Apple Planning to Make A6 Processor at TSMC

Despite being tangled in a rather tense legal battle right now, Apple and Samsung are still partners in the chip manufacturing business. Apple orders a huge amount of A4 and A5 chips for iPhone, iPod and iPad products, and Samsung builds them.

It may seen rather odd that Samsung is lending a hand to Apple, a big competitor in the personal device space, but the South Korean company is still pocketing some money regardless whether a customer buys an iPad 2 or Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The word in the industry right now is that Apple is seeking another manufacturing partner for the next-generation ARM chip that's believed to be called the A6. Reuters reports that Taiwan's massive TSMC, which has likely made at least one of the chips inside your gaming desktop, is currently in trial production of the A6 for Apple.

If the yields come back to Apple's satisfaction, then Samsung may no longer be privy to Apple's CPU. Of course, analysts predict that Samsung will do everything in its power to extend its contract with Apple – perhaps by entering into a bidding war against TSMC.

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  • torque79
    It's convenient to blame leftists and democrats for the loss of manufacturing in NA. The reasons unions started is because everyone wanted a reasonable share of a company's profit for their hard work. In principle that sounds pretty reasonable. The reality is the company's purpose is to make money, so it's cheaper to manufacture in a place where the employee costs less (Korea, Taiwan, China, etc). People love to blame the evil union, but if YOU were employed by x manufacturing company, I guarantee you would be screaming for top dollar, just as I'm sure you do at whatever employment you have right now. Because we all do this (demand top salary, demand cheapest goods), it's impossible to do both in the same country. In the past people were far more dedicated to "buying American" and willing to save up and pay more for a quality product that lasted a long time, with an excellent warranty and service. Now our true nature as greedy self-serving creatures has re-asserted itself on such a scale that there's no turning back.
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  • eddieroolz
    Well that's to be expected. It seems like Apple is intent on further suing Samsung, so to be relying on Samsung only would spell disaster for them if Samsung ever decides to halt shipment.
  • henydiah
    TSCM seems to be new hope after the issue, and Samsung certainly will not stay silent lho
  • Anonymous
    I wonder how Apple coming into the picture will change TSMC. Will they get better ... or worse?