Catalyst 6.11 driver for Radeon graphics cards released

AMD's graphics division, formerly known as ATI, has released its November graphics driver update. Version 6.11 brings a few performance enhancements, especially for Call of Duty 2.

The new driver also introduces dual-graphics Crossfire support for any combination of X1900 or X1950 graphics card running either Windows XP or Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. The company said that the X1950 Pro is not supported in software Crossfire mode and can only be used with another ATI Radeon X1950 Pro in hardware Crossfire mode.

In a separate announcement, AMD said that its Avivo Video Converter now comes with a video output profile for Microsoft Zune portable media player. The tool is available as a free download for users who own an X1000 series Radeon graphics card.