ATI to push sales of HDTV Wonder card

ATI Technologies is gearing up to push sales of its HDTV Wonder TV tuner card, according to sources at Taiwan graphics card makers.

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  • JustTheFacts
    Too bad I'm too late for this, but I will NEVER give ATI another cent! I got the ATI All In Wonder TV tuner card and the drivers and software SUCK!!

    Totally buggy. It's like they hire programmers out of high school to work on an unfamiliar product with no documentation. The FM tuner has NEVER worked right, even after a countless number of versions, and the TV quality is noisy. Recording is "iffy" at best, and recording is the MAIN thing I bought this card for. Since the last update I haven't been able to record anything, and those geniuses at ATI refuse to allow anyone to download older drivers, so I'm stuck with a worthless piece of crap.

    The TV software by Gemstar would be great if those idiots knew anything about developing for real people. Two things that I hate are (1) you can set up searches for programs, but just TRY to delete a search when you don't want it any more. They never bothered to put in a "Delete Search" function, after God knows how many updates! As a result, I have a huge list of searches, most of which I'll never use again. The only thing I can do is UNINSTALL the program and re-install, then set up the searches I now want. Pathetic! (2) when setting up for a show to be automatically recorded, if there is another show to be recorded at the same time, you get an error saying that this one is conflicting, then asks if you want to set it to record anyway. Since it doesn't tell you what channel or show it conflicts with, how would you know if you want to schedule this show or the other? Second, if you tell it to record anyway, then it sets BOTH shows to record, then records neither. The solution is to back out of the recording setup and search for that particular time and date, find the show previously set to record, and either cancel it, or leave it and not record the new show. Confused yet?

    I get completely random errors and crashes, not often, but enough to cause me to have lost data.

    I keep setting the video card for two monitors, and every time I boot to Windows I have to set it again, and re-configure the monitor settings.

    Their customer service is horrible. Just Google "ATI customer service" and see for yourself.

    Having said all that, the HARDWARE works great, but with such bad drivers, the great features in this card are crippled. Each update fixed one thing and broke two more. This makes it all the more frustrating that they just can't get this thing to do what they promised it could do.

    I laugh at their new ads now, because I know that all the features they mention probably don't work right, never will, and if you need help, well, too bad.