Intel Debuts New Atom System-on-Chip Processor

Intel is pushing the Atom into more spaces that just netbooks. One of the new products introduced at IDF is a new Atom-based System-on-Chip that Intel hopes to make it into in-vehicle infotainment systems for cars, smart grid devices and IP media phones.

At an IDF keynote, Intel launched “Tunnel Creek,” a new Atom E600 SoC processor. One particular processor detailed is codenamed “Stellarton,” which consists of the Atom E600 processor paired with an Altera FPGA on a multi-chip package that provides additional flexibility for customers who want to incorporate proprietary I/O or acceleration.

Intel also introduced the Atom processor CE4200, formerly codenamed “Groveland,” which is designed to integrate the Internet experience with TV.

The SoC includes 3-D support, H.264 high-definition encoding capability for usage models such as “sync-and-go” between networked consumer electronics and portable devices, and multiple input stream support to enable the design of cost-effective home gateway appliances. The SoC also features smart power management capabilities that automatically help to turn off parts of the chip when not in use.

Other things announced at this keynote were the launch of the Intel AppUp store and a surprising demo of the Dell convertible tablet transformer.

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  • nxym
    yea more atoms.
  • eyefinity
    But can it play....3d deathchase?
  • hellwig
    So, I see the clockspeed isn't getting any faster, and I haven't heard of any architectural changes to the Atom core, so.... are these any faster than the Atoms of 2 years ago? I guess they're going after the tablet market, where they feel their old Atom can compete with ARM.