AT&T Shakes Up Data Plans

Following the acquisition of DirecTV by AT&T, the carrier is changing its current mobile service to give more data to users of its most popular data plans (opens in new tab).

For AT&T customers, select plans are seeing a 50 percent increase in data for no additional cost. Most prominent is the new 15 GB plan, which drops $30 to a final price of $100. Because the $100 plan formerly offered only 10 GB of data, this is the only confirmed segment that saw a 50 percent increase in data.

AT&T did not state the price of plans above 20 GB under this new data scheme, but the price of 20 GB of data has fallen by $10 to $140.

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Monthly Plan ChargeDataMonthly Device Access ChargeUnlimited Talk/Text to Mexico and Canada
$20300 MB+$25/Line with AT&T NextN/A
$302 GB+$25/Line with AT&T NextN/A
$505 GB+$25/Line with AT&T NextN/A
$10015 GB+$15/Line with AT&T NextIncluded
$14020 GB+$15/Line with AT&T NextIncluded

"There's never been a better time to be an AT&T customer. Last week, we announced a new offer to bundle DIRECTV and AT&T wireless service. Monday, we announced an offer that gives $500 in credits for DIRECTV customers when they switch to AT&T wireless service," said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility. "Tomorrow, we roll out new plans for everyone, including a plan that gives 50% more data than on our most popular plan. And we're not done yet."

This change to the mobile service comes just a few days after AT&T and DirecTV announced new bundle deals for their combined services. The new data rates will be available starting tomorrow. As the companies continue to meld together, it is likely that we will see more changes to their services show up.

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  • whimseh
    200 MB, that's precious.
  • GamingInsider
    Pfffttttt, $80 unlimited talk, text and high speed data for me.
  • capt_taco
    I get two lines of unlimited talk, text and data from T-Mobile for about $73 a month total - permanently - because they gave me a loyalty deal. I'm pretty confident they're still making money on me, otherwise they wouldn't have offered it. Seeing this just makes me laugh, knowing how much it costs to provide the service versus what they actually charge.
  • Tanquen
    I'll keep my Google Project Fi at $20 a month, thanks.
  • soldier44
    Some cheapskates here, get what you pay for. I bet those of you paying less than $100 a month are not getting 4G LTE speeds at all.
  • Warsaw
    Yeah Snake, you do get what you pay for.....all that extra you pay for Verizon with 2GB of data which I can easily use (not at home) within a week. Keep playing into their hands and they'll keep charging an absurd amount of money for such little data...
  • BrandonYoung
    Living in the country, we do not have access to DSL, and the local cable co is too cheap to run a line out our road. Our internet options are currently dial-up, satellite, or cell data. Satellite gives us 10GB "anytime" and 10GB between 2:00AM - 8:00AM. Needless to say, we supplement our low data plan from the satellite with our cellular (AT&T) plan via hotspot which gives us another 10GB.

    I am quite excited to see the "free" upgrade from 10GB to 15GB per month from AT&T. Assuming this article is accurate.
  • jasonelmore
    no change in price for me.. i started off with a 6GB plan for $100.. then they did the upgrade to 10GB promotion for free.. and a few months later, they did a 10 to 15GB upgrade for free (limited time).

    My price will stay exactly the same, but at least new customers can get a better deal.

    eventually, these data buckets will get much much larger, and i would bet AT&T will start doing DirecTV streaming and not count it against your data usage
  • Tanquen
    I'll keep my Google Project Fi at $20 a month, thanks.

    ..which includes no data...lmao

    No asshat, it has all the data I want just like any other plan but I only pay for the data I use. Someone paying $100 for a 6GB plan pays that every month and more if they use more. With taxes and hidden fees I was paying $75 a month for Verizon with 1GB weather I used it or not. Last month I paid $26.
  • Emanuel Elmo
    Some cheapskates here, get what you pay for. I bet those of you paying less than $100 a month are not getting 4G LTE speeds at all.

    there is a difference between being a cheapskate and an idiot for just throwing your money away.

    And don't make assumptions on things that you don't know.

    Oh no... no 4g LTE speed for any of them but look... T-mobile pulled the most data.

    Oh crap there goes your argument... Enjoy being an idiot and just giving away your money.