Tom's Guide: 10 Mobile News Readers for iOS and Android

You probably already have your desktop news reader of choice all set up (if you haven't checked out our list of Google Reader alternatives, you definitely should), but what about your mobile news feed? What kind of reader are you using and are you really happy with it or do you find it lacking? The Tom's Guide team has put together a list of the best mobile news readers. Check out '10 Mobile News Readers for iOS and Android' and see if anything tickles your fancy!

Smartphones and tablets are excellent platforms for getting the news you want any time, anywhere (provided you have a mobile or WiFi connection!). With a little setup and the right apps, you can have news, articles, and photos from all your favorite websites, blogs, and social networks delivered right to your mobile device. Check out 10 of our favorite iOS and Android news reader apps!10 Mobile News Readers for iOS and Android

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