Biostar Reveals Dual-Cooling GeForce Gaming GTX 1050 Ti

Biostar announced the new GeForce Gaming GTX 1050 Ti with the unique Biostar Tank Dual Fan, a bonus pack for World of Tanks players on the title's Asian servers, and other features meant to make the graphics card a "perfect upgrade gift for yourself or a gamer friend" right around the holidays.

Biostar designed the new GeForce Gaming GTX 1050 Ti in collaboration with World of Tanks--much like the two GTX 1060 cards announced in October--to let people fully immerse themselves in the massively multiplayer tank sim. This is shown in the card's specs, which are based on Nvidia's 16nm FinFET Pascal architecture, and the way its dual-fan cooler includes a "gaming tank-shaped stylish design exuding an aggressive feel to the card."

Biostar's newest graphics card boasts 4GB of GDDR5 memory with an effective boost clock rate of 1392MHz. The card is compatible with Nvidia's PhysX, CUDA, and PureVideo HD technologies as well as DirectX 12. (Read more about the performance of Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1050 & 1050 Ti in our review.) The cooler is also meant to "keep the card running at optimal temperatures while keeping noise levels to a minimum" during World of Tanks sessions.

Biostar priced the GeForce Gaming GTX 1050 Ti at $159. The company didn't provide a release date, but at the time of writing, it wasn't available at the company's sellers in the United States.

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ProductBiostar GeForce Gaming GTX 1050 Ti
Base Clock1290MHz
Boost Clock1392MHz
Memory Clock7007MHz
Memory Size4GB
Memory TypeDDR5
Memory Bus128-bit
InterfaceSupport PCI-E 3.0 x16
Max Resolution7680 x 4320 @ 60Hz
OutputDVIHDMIDisplay Port
Nathaniel Mott
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  • Dark Lord of Tech
    Cool gimmick design!!!!!!!!!
  • joz
    A gimmick that can't even be seen once installed in most cases. In most cases, and cases, the graphics card is installed with the the fan and heatsink, and fan-shroud...pointed down and out of view.

    swing and a miss biostar!
  • TheAfterPipe
    Yeah but you know someone is going to buy it because of the gimmick.
  • Kiran astrol
    hi does gtx 1050ti has deivers mac osx
  • Groza Adrian
    But why would I want to buy such a 1050ti?These implementations come very close (price) to the rx470 but the performance is not there.
  • a_mall
    Will it ever get that hot to warrant using two fans?
  • genz
    A_Mall if it will clock high enough then definitely. If not you'll still be able to get lower voltages out of it