Blizzard: German StarCraft II Is Less Bloody

A recent interview over on (translated) reveals that Blizzard plans to remove or change the color of blood from the upcoming German version of StarCraft II. Earlier reports have indicated that Blizzard is also editing Diablo III for Germany as well, however the task will be less of an issue with the former game.

Allen Dilling, Blizzard's Lead 3D Artist for StarCraft II, said that the adjustments will be slight, and the change will effect only a few units; most are robotic and do not require censoring. He added that although the team set out to create a game that looks good and "feels alive," they weren't focused on making the game particularly bloody.

"We [don't] want to offend anyone, but at the same time, we are working very passionately to develop the best product possible," Dilling said (paraphrased via Google Translate). "And specifically we are working on all the animations, so we do not want to see the [edits]. Here we are so very carefully trying to find the right path and give the fans what they want, without being insensitive. So it's a real balancing act."

Ultimately, Blizzard wants to see the German rating board restrict StarCraft II from consumers below the age of 12. However, as stated earlier, Diablo III will incorporate parental controls, so it may be that the German censorship ties into Blizzard's overall plan nationwide for both StarCraft II and Diablo III.

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  • Major7up
    Awww, it just won't be the same game!!!
  • lemonade4
    1. No LAN
    2. Three 'Starcraft II' packs (zerg,terran,protoss)
    3. Points system to download user-made maps
    4. recoloured blood..
  • icepick314
    Major7UpAwww, it just won't be the same game!!!

    ask L4D players...

    it's not just same's TOTALLY different....

    Germans are so damm paranoid about so called violent's not as if there's going to be another Hitler after playing CounterStrike....