Microsoft to Give Away Windows 7 on Bus Tour

Still haven't upgraded to Windows 7 or you don't have enough licenses to upgrade all your computers? Then you may want to check out Microsoft's upcoming bus tour.

Microsoft is loading up aboard a bus and will be hitting the eastern part of the U.S. as well as Montreal in Canada.


Week 1

  • May 21st — Montreal QC, Canada
  • May 24th — Boston MA
  • May 25th — New York NY
  • May 26th — Philadelphia PA
  • May 27-28 — Washington DC

Week 2

  • Memorial Holiday — no events
  • June 1st — Richmond VA
  • June 2nd — Raleigh NC
  • June 3rd — Charlotte NC
  • June 4th — Atlanta GA

The purpose of the tour is to show off the new features of both Windows 7 as well as the upcoming Office 2010. But those diehard fans who want a new copy of Windows 7 Ultimate can get one for free by being one of the first 50 people to arrive at the event.

Check out the full details here.

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  • nekatreven
    First!! (that is...I'll say that when I walk up to the bus to get my copy)
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  • mlopinto2k1
    I'm there dude!!!!
  • nekatreven
    First!! (that is...I'll say that when I walk up to the bus to get my copy)
    Yes... that will get you some good will with all Canadians. Travel to Montreal only.


    1st no VS 2010 Launch Events in Canada, No VS2010 standard, a VS2010 upgrade path to pro that screws everyone (did I mention that the VS2010 upgrade price from Vs 2008 standard to pro is $200 more for CDNs?).

    Wow.... really don't want to do business in Canada anymore hrmmm?