Amazing Case Mod: PC Inside a Super Nintendo

We love case mods, but we’re tired of all the old windows and LED lights. What really gets us these days are innovative designs where PCs are stuffed into things we don’t expect to find them in.

For example, inside the shell of a PAL Super Nintendo (which shares the same shape as the Super Famicom in Japan), is the innards of an Acer Aspire One netbook.

What’s special about this case mod is that all the functions of the original PC were retained while making use of the features of the SNES. For example, the power switch works to turn on the machine. The eject button also ejects the discs from the optical drive – but wait, the SNES doesn’t have an optical drive bay (and neither does the Aspire One)!

Amazingly enough, the modders managed to cram a slot-loading drive inside a game cartridge. Read the full mod story on Asobitech and expect to see this SNES PC on eBay sometime soon.

Check out other amazing case mods at the links below:

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  • nonstoprobot
  • IronRyan21
    This is refreshing to see. Usually ppl mod the old NES and fit a PC in tht.
  • Tindytim
    IronRyan21This is refreshing to see. Usually ppl mod the old NES and fit a PC in tht.

    I think I prefer that. The SNES doesn't have a good place to buy a disk drive.

    Those top loading Saturn mods are pretty sweet though.