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Amazing: ECS Fits Nvidia Ion, Blu-ray Into...a Vase

Most of Computex is the same old nettops and netbooks, but on occasion you do see something that truly stands out. Yesterday we caught a glimpse of the Atom-based PC that was fitted inside a model Ferrari F430.

If having a PC in the shape of an RC car isn’t your thing, how about a household decorative item? Elitegroup has managed to stuff a full Atom N230 system with a Blu-ray Disc drive inside this pretty blue and white vase. An Atom with Blu-ray, you ask? Yes, because most impressive of all is that this vase case contains an Nvidia Ion chipset.

Most impressive, indeed.


Check out the full gallery at Engadget.

  • Tindytim
    I like it, especially with that little pedestal (I guess that's the only way to use the ports at the bottom). I'm tempted to buy one, and not for someone else.
  • Gin Fushicho
    nice , I'd love to have something lie that next to my TV and play a BD movie on it. useing a sexy Windows remote. ;3
  • Silluete
    Wow,i don't really know about atom since i don't have one,but how about the cooling? the vase must be hot!!
  • Andraxxus
    Nice I'd buy one but most likely someone would use it as a vase and put water in it and then it would be dead but at least it would be water cooled.
  • pbrigido if only my Grandma knew how to use technology...
  • archange
    Waahhhahaha ^^

    Typically Chinese - I mean the vase, no disrespect :D
  • FSXFan
    If I could get one that looked good in my living room I would. As long as it was cheap enough, but it should be since it's just plastic. I just really want to stream stuff to my TV/stereo and the Blu-ray would be a nice plus. It would also score big points with the wife if it didn't look like a computer.
  • neiroatopelcc
    lovely thing! I wouldn't want an ecs quality product, but it's still looking lovely. My grandma would probably like one of those instead of her stock hp pavilion that upsets the usual grandma look.
  • Rancifer7
    If priced around the same as a normal PC with those specs, I can see these selling real well. I want one!