Transparent Steam Deck Case Mods are Coming

JSAUX's Future Transparent Steam Deck Clamshell
(Image credit: GamingOnLinux)

Two transparent mods for the Steam Deck are on the way from JSAUX and eXtremeRate, according to a report by GamingOnLinux. The mod will allow enthusiasts to replace the matte black plastic shell of the Steam Deck with a transparent one, revealing the console's internals for everyone to see.

JSAUX's Future Transparent Steam Deck Clamshell

(Image credit: GamingOnLinux)

According to a quick sneak peek from JSAUX, its new transparent clamshell will have a tinted frost-like finish that adds a bit of haze while staring at the Steam Deck's internals. The case replaces the Deck's black clamshell completely, leaving the buttons, joysticks, and triggers as the only remnants of the Deck's default color scheme. Additionally, the clamshell comes with some extra ventilation near the bottom left of the chassis to improve cooling. The new design will be available in clear ("Krystal") as well as purple and brown. 

eXtremeRate's transparent clamshell is different from JSAUX's — instead of a frosted finish, it has a "plastic-like" finish with buttons and triggers that have been modified with see-through materials. This case will come in several transparent finishes, including a vanilla non-tinted design, a dark-tinted design, and a design with a dark purple finish. It will also come in several non-transparent finishes, including purple, black, white, and red, as well as a "wood" pattern and a "carbon fiber" pattern.

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These new transparent designs will be fantastic for any Steam Deck enthusiasts who want to show off their Deck's internals, as well as any modifications they may have performed on the handheld console. However, GamingOnLinux warns that replacing the Deck's clamshell is not an easy task: it requires a great amount of precision and care to replace the Steam Deck's cover without breaking it.

No word on pricing or release dates for either JSAUX's or eXtremeRate's new cases, but they should be out soon.

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