Case Mod: Jack Thompson's Game Violence Book

We’ve seen a lot of crazy case mods over the years. That means a ton of LED lights, side panel windows, racing stickers and of course, the most recent (and probably the cutest of them all) being Wall•E PC case. Today we stumbled upon a great console mod in the form of Jack Thompson’s book on video game violence, Out of Harm’s Way.

Kotaku this week posts pictures sent in by a user on the fourms. Mattigus bought a copy of Jack Thompson’s book on eBay (which happened to be stolen from a library, by the way), gutted it and crammed in a PS2.

Check out the pictures below, where you’ll see GTA III being played by the Jack Thompson mod.

  • jerther
    weekend entertainment? :|

    funny, still...
  • doopydoo22
    irony incarnate
  • zodiacfml
    simple case mod as seen from the pic.
  • NuclearShadow
    That is quite amusing and ironic.

    But I doubt the book was stolen like this article claims. Sometimes a library try to sell books that don't get checked out much which I think its safe to assume about Jack Thompson's book.
  • jerreece
    Someone had way to much time on their hands if you ask me.

    Sort of an ironic book to put the Playstation in though. ;)

    Go figure that it was a stolen copy too...
  • the_one111
    Old news, but still hilarious none-the-less.

    Now do it with a atom-powered rig.
  • apmyhr
    Haha, this guy is actually my friend. Yes he had way too much time on his hands. I have only seen him use the thing maybe twice, so its entire purpose was just irony. But at least now he has his 15 minutes of internet fame.
  • ssguy24
    I applaud the irony as well
  • Parrdacc
    I say send Thompson a nice "copy" of this "revised" edition. I am certain he would appreciate it. After all I think he was dis-bared so he should have plenty of time on his hands.
  • megamanx00
    Hah, that's pretty funny.