New Catalyst driver accelerates Intel 965 Crossfire configurations

ATI today released version 6.10 of its Catalyst driver package for Radeon graphics cards. The company claims that the tenth installment of this year has received Crossfire D3D driver improvements and got better at handling large vertex meshes. According to ATI, the changes will result in a 6.7 - 15.8% gain in 3DMark2006 scores, 9.7-10.5% in 3DMark2005 and up to 7.1% in 3DMark2003.

Catalyst 6.10 also includes native support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and anti-aliasing with The Elder Scrolls Oblivion and does not require a separate installation of the "Chuck" patch anymore. Also new is official support for Stanford University's Folding@Home GPU client. However, at this time, only X1900 and X1950 cards can participate in the project. Radeon X1800 cards are expected to be added to the list of supported graphics cards soon.

The driver can be downloaded fro ATI's website.

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