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ATI Catalyst 10.4 Preview Driver Now Available

AMD has released preview build of ATI Catalyst 10.4, which should only be of interest to those with 5000-series cards and who play Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

The only fix listed for the driver is:

Long load times for new maps in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 when using an ATI Radeon HD 5xxx series graphics card.

If that sounds like it's right for you, then grab the driver here.

  • Annisman
    Ah, can't wait to get in these games faster, any word on a crossfire flickering fix from these ? And yes, some people still have that issue.
  • jedimasterben
    Hell, some people are still having GSoD issues! And wasn't this supposed to be a performance release? If so, that list had better start growing!!
  • t-vizz the 2nd
    I am running DX 9 because of slow loads, perhaps fix this the patch dose.

    Well if it dose what it says it dose.
  • ScoobyJooby-Jew
    how about amdkmdap errors? or my inability to play browser games because of 2d and 3d problems? or freezing up when i alt+tab from WoW to thottbot? OH and maybe updating flgrx to include the 5k series?
  • False_Dmitry_II
    Hey, that's cool an ATI driver news thing. Instead of just nvidia stuff.
  • nukemaster
    I think I will wait for final release.
  • drutort
    when is the 2d issue going to be fixed? they said it was simple driver issue... i thought 10.4 was supposed to hve that fix? is it 10.5 or 10.6 now? i thought we only had to wait till may to have it fixed :P i cant sand it, that 2d issue plus the 2 monitor issue makes it really bad, the expand desktop mode causes that 2d issue to be really big, only fix really is to run at like 300/1200 (max ram speed) on 5870 the ram clock throttling is the main issue that causes flickering/tearing and freezes in things like playing HD content, or any app that causes the gpu to throttle up from idle and at times to 3d speeds
  • al2suarez
  • JofaMang
    I applied the patch, even though I don't play the game, nor do I have a 5xxx card. I rule so hard.

    Seriously though, good fix, but overal depth of the driver update seems lacking.
  • RogerDeath
    Remember that this is just a preview, so it will not have all the features of the full driver.