CeBIT 2008: Buffalo Unveils external Blu-ray/HD-DVD drive and HDTV Thin Client

Writes DVDs, CDs and even Blu-ray Discs - and even reads HD-DVDs. Buffalo’s new external HD writer.

HD-DVD is dead - long live Blu-ray ! But what about buyers who bet on the wrong horse ? Buffalo has a solution for this group and will begin shipping an external USB 2.0 device that can write Blu-ray discs at up to 6x speed and reads HD-DVDs as well. It can also write CDs and DVDs, all courtesy of the LG drive used by Buffalo. However, expect its price to be no lower than €500.[$750]

Buffalo Link Theater - an HDTV thin client for around €160. [$240]

Buffalo’s Link Theatre is an HDTV capable thin client that can output video content to any display in HD-resolutions via HDMI or component cables. Its Gigabit Ethernet connection or the two USB 2.0 ports can provide the video material, allowing users to play back content even from attached devices. Buffalo supports all important video and audio formats, which we will therefore not list here separately. When asked about firmware update options, Buffalo pointed out the USB update feature which lets you upload new firmware from an appropriately prepared USB thumb drive. Alternatively, users can take advantage of the built-in update feature in the device’s menu.

(Compare Prices on Blu-ray Players)

The thin client costs about €160 [$240]and comes with a handy remote control. Buffalo is also considering producing a WiFi enabled version which should be about €50 [$75]more expensive.

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