Intel Says That Celeron Will Continue to Live On

Earlier on, we heard from Taiwanese sources that Intel will be phasing out the Celeron CPU brand sometime in 2011 as things move towards Sandy Bridge. No so, says Intel; the Celeron the will live on.

"The rumor is not true, Intel has no plan to phase out the Celeron brand in 2011. Intel Celeron processors continue to provide a low-cost computing solution for basic computing needs," wrote Barry Sum, an Intel spokesman in Hong Kong, in an e-mail response to questions from IDG.

X-bit labs still claims that it has seen roadmaps that show that the Celeron will not be moving to a Nehalem-based architecture, leaving some to wonder what will happen to the Celeron brand when the Core 2 family is no longer in production.

Right now, Intel scales its product offerings with the Atom, Celeron, Pentium, Core 2, and Core i brandings. While it may be a bit crowded now, the eventual drop of the Core 2 Duo products will give Intel a little more room to keep the Celeron in the lineup.

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  • aaruni123
    Never liked Celeron. Makes a lot more sense to buy a cheap AMD instead.
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  • pcworm
    typing on a T1500 right now
    I hope celeron phases out
    real pice of... well u know
    I curse myself every day for buying this laptop
  • aaruni123
    Never liked Celeron. Makes a lot more sense to buy a cheap AMD instead.
  • Anonymous
    I think the 2 core Celeron is a good value especially for Enterprise computers. I think its better then a low powered Atom 2 core. Unfortunately the Celeron name got a bad rap when it first came out as being under featured for what Intel was charging for it. Now though I think its a viable solution.