CES 2006: Sony unveils VAIO SZ notebooks

The SZ notebooks will have Sony's XBRITE screens which have enough brightness and contrast to be read in a sunlit room. Users will be able to toggle between the high-end external graphics chip, to the on-board, energy-saving GPU. The carbon-fibre cased Premium series will be 0.9" thick, and weigh under four pounds.

Along with support for WiFi and Bluetooth, the SZ notebooks will have integrated Cingular Edge service. Each will support a standard DVD+R/RW drive, as well as the new ExpressCard high-speed storage device. An ExpressCard looks like a regular PC Card, but can transfer at 250 megaBytes per second.

The regular VAIO SZ notebooks will be available in the spring for $1999, while the premium models will start at $2299.

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