CES 2007: TomTom to offer portable GPS device to the automotive industry

Las Vegas (NV) - Pre-installed navigation systems in automobiles do not only have the disadvantage that they are significantly more expensive than most after-market systems, they are also, well, stationary which limits their use.

TomTom said that it will be marketing a GPS navigation system to the automotive industry, which can be embedded into the dash, but also comes with the capability to be removed by users of the system. According to the company, the new device, scheduled to be available this summer, can be coupled with a radio, infotainment head unit, or built directly into the dashboard.

The manufacturer said that the navigation device will provide full audio integration with other components of the car, playing CDs and MP3s in Hi-Fi stereo quality, and will be compatible with spoken instructions and phone calls via the car's speakers.

Pricing of the system has not been announced.