Chip Industry Grew By 11-Percent in Q1, 2011

Intel extended its lead by a significant margin, while Nvidia jumped back into the top 20 of the world's largest chip companies.

According to a report published by IC Insights, Intel was able to main its leading position with $11.8 billion in revenue and a growth of 25% over Q1 2010. Samsung follows with $8.2 billion of revenue and 15% growth. Intel now has 44% higher chip sales than Samsung.

Toshiba is now the third largest semiconductor firm with $3.6 billion in Q1 2011 revenue. Nvidia is listed at position 20, despite a sales decline of 6% to $936 million. However, that was good enough to replace Panasonic, which lost 9% in chip sales.

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  • phishy714
    In before "I don't care about chip sales growth" and "I grew my garden 10%, let me know if I made it on the list"
  • arlandi
    You guys do realize, that each CPU is just another neuron for skynet? and it is growing smarter each year!!! especially with all this cloud thing. when we store all our data in the 'net, so skynet can analyze them and learn more about our human weaknesses!
  • jacobdrj
    Didn't you see T3? Skynet is SOFTWARE...