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Acer to Launch Chrome OS Devices in June

VentureBeat cites multiple sources that say Acer will launch Chrome OS devices in Taiwan next month. How many devices or what kind of devices the company plans to show us remains unclear. However, Google's Chrome OS is supposed to be a lightweight operating system for netbooks and (eventually) tablets so hearing the company is going to announce more than one device suggests we could see an Acer tablet next month.

While a Chrome OS tablet from Acer is possible, the company has already said it has plans for Android netbooks. Given that Android is already optimized for touchscreens, logical thinking says it's more likely we'll see Android tablets than Chrome OS tablets. Still, it's nice to dream.

  • insider3
    I don't know if any of you guys ever owned an Acer product..But they make some pretty low quality stuff. Looks like every manufacturer is hopping on the tablet market. Just waiting on Lenovo now.
  • husker
    But will it... aw nevermind.
  • jacobdrj
    insider3I don't know if any of you guys ever owned an Acer product..But they make some pretty low quality stuff. Looks like every manufacturer is hopping on the tablet market. Just waiting on Lenovo now.I agree some of their stuff is pretty bad, but some of their stuff is good too. Their netbooks are very well built. Not as well built as the ASUS' but still good. And the problems that I have seen with their laptops are no worse than the consumer grade HP stuff.

    Acer's monitors are just fine. Some of them are just ok, but they are always decent, and some are even great.
  • Android is just stick to tablets and phones while Chrome OS should be on netbooks. It seems like a waste of effort to change Android to work on a netbook while Chrome OS is going to compete with it. Of course for the average consumer who might just not know the android is a google product might see it as healthy competition.
  • builderbobftw
    Why would Google have 2 OS, like ChromeOS and Android?

    Isn't that a bit redundant?

    That's like sayign that having an apple makes an orange redundant becuase they are both fruits.
  • builderbobftw
    You were fast to criticize, but didn't give me an actual answer.

    here ya go mate:
  • builderbobftw
    ^ Chrome is a browser.

    I was under the impression that the OS in ChromeOS stood for Operting System.
  • njalterio
    OK n00bs listen up.

    There is Chrome the browser, and there is Chrome the operating system. Both are made by Google. The browser is for desktops and laptops, and the OS is for tablets and netbooks.

    There is also Android the operating system, which is also made by Google. This OS is for smart phones.
  • kelemvor4
    SmochinaBecause neither are real OSes. Sure, Android is Linux based, but what's the point of having such a nice base when you are not allowing developers to write programs that'll run in native code and restrict them to java...And chrome os... that's just a browser actually, nothing more.Doesn't that make it more of a linux distribution? Like debian, or slackware, or lindows, or redhat or... whatever.

    I think the java code restriction is a good move. Keeps the system stable without placing hardly any restrictions on what a developer can do, and at the same time keeps costs down for Google since the java platform is already available and free.

    The best thing about a chrome or linux based netbook vs windows is you save several hundred bucks on the OS license. Netbooks don't have the hardware to run games so they shouldn't be a consideration. I think it's brilliant actually. Having said that - I don't have, need, or want a netbook. Maybe if I traveled more or something; but my current lifestyle doesn't warrant such a device.
  • Acer stuff ! Low quality ! ???
    Dude is the third poster HIGH ?
    I have 2 acer notebooks and each of my friend has the same. NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM in one year.