Google's Chrome Browser is Now 4 Years Old

Google released the first beta version of Chrome on September 2, 2008. The first final release followed on December 11, 2008. Since its launch, Chrome has captured the lead in the market share race and is currently slightly ahead of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, with 33.59 percent versus 32.85 percent share.

The browser has been widely credited with increasing the focus on browser speed and security, and forcing Microsoft and Mozilla to substantially accelerate their JavaScript engines. According to JavaScript benchmarks such as Google's Octane, SunSpider or Mozilla's Kraken, chrome is still ahead in this discipline. Google has also influenced its rivals to adopt a silent update mechanism and a reduced user interface that allows more content to be shown in the browser window. Mozilla has also changed its software release schedule to 6 week time frames to match Google's model.

To review Chrome's milestones, Google posted the Chrome Time Machine, which allows the user to click through all major announcements. My personal favorite is the speed tests video, including a comparison of Chrome page load times against a potato gun. The video was launched when Chrome 5 was current (today were are using Chrome 21 as final version and Chrome 23 as developer version).

Google Chrome Speed Tests



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  • killabanks
    as much as i like chrome i am stuck using firefox until they get my mulitouch pad to work it does in ff or ie
  • DroKing
    and..... wait for it..... waittttttt.... It still suck.
  • classzero
    must be using a SSD because I do not get these speeds with 60Mb service.