Missing CNET Editor found deceased

The body of missing CNET senior editor James Kim was found earlier today. He and his family were stranded in the mountains for eleven days after taking a wrong turn in the family car. He left his car to find help for his stranded family on Saturday, but never made it back. Kati Kim, James' wife, and his two daughters were found safe two days ago.

The Kim family left San Francisco two weeks ago for a road trip to the northwest. They became stuck in the mountains and fended off freezing temperatures by running the car heater and finally by burning tires after the car ran out of gasoline.

James left the car five days ago to find help, while the wife and daughters stayed in the car. Two days later a privately contracted search and rescue helicopter found Kati after she waved an umbrella at searchers. Everyone in the car was in good condition.

Almost no expense and effort was spared to find the Kims. The family paid for a private helicopter to search the area and an imaging satellite was retasked to take pictures.

Search and rescue officials are working on transporting the body out of the area. Earlier they found several pieces of clothing left by Kim, possibly as a guide to where he or the family was located.

James Kim was a senior editor at CNET and blogged about consumer electronics, including MP3 players. Many fans have followed his career since his TechTV/Screensavers days.