Corsair Reveals K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard, Scimitar Pro Mouse

Corsair is back again at CES, and it has two major announcements for its peripheral lineup: an update to the K95 RGB keyboard as well as a new variant of the Scimitar mouse.

The New K95

Corsair already made a K95 RGB mechanical keyboard. Yet the company views this model, the K95 RGB Platinum, as the true successor to its K70 RGB keyboard.

This version features 8MB of onboard memory to let owners save up to three profiles for lighting and macros. Speaking of macros, there are now six macro keys located on the left side of the keyboard.

In terms of lighting features, the new peripheral features a lighting zone called LightEdge, which is located along the top edge of the keyboard. It’s essentially a long strip of light created by 16 RGB LEDs, and you can program its lighting patterns and colors separately from the rest of the keyboard.

In addition, the K95 RGB Platinum has rubber feet, USB pass-through, a small space underneath the keyboard to manage cables, and a reversible wrist rest that has a different texture on each side.

Similar to the old K95 RGB, the new keyboard will have a brushed aluminum frame. And yes, it will still use Cherry MX switches, although Corsair didn’t specify which switches would be available for the K95 RGB Platinum. It will be available on January 22 for the hefty price of $199.

The (Slightly) Upgraded Scimitar

At first glance, the new Scimitar Pro mouse is almost identical to its predecessor, but it has a few differences. Externally, the yellow frame surrounding the 12 buttons on the mouse's side was replaced with a black frame. Internally, the optical sensor--which initially allowed up to 12,000 DPI--was also upgraded with a PixArt optical sensor with a max DPI of 16,000. Furthermore, you can adjust the new mouse’s sensitivity in increments of one DPI.

The mouse can also pair up with the new K95 RGB Platinum keyboard so that both peripherals share the same lighting patterns and macro profiles. Out of the box, the Scimitar Pro has three macro profiles for general use, productivity settings, and multiplayer online battle arena games. You can change the settings of these profiles through the Corsair Utility Engine software.

The Scimitar Pro comes out today, and its $80 price tag makes its $30 more expensive than the original Scimitar mouse.

  • DookieDraws
    Only $200 for the keyboard? Where can I pre-order? Might pick myself up 2 or 3 of them at that price! :p
  • wifiburger
    oh lets go, I dream of another expensive controller or keyboard / mouse as if you don't have enough expensive crap on the market,
    i'll stick with cheap china keyboard / mouse and use the money I saved for something else :-)
  • Th3pwn3r
    19109566 said:
    Only $200 for the keyboard? Where can I pre-order? Might pick myself up 2 or 3 of them at that price! :p

    Haha, good one. If I had $200 to spend on a keyboard I would buy a mouse and a keyboard.