Cougar’s Attack X3 Keyboard Features Cherry Switches, Including MX Black Option

Cougar is out with yet another keyboard, but unlike its most recent offering (the 450K), which features what the company calls “hybrid mechanical switches,” the new Attack X3 keyboard will use good ol’ Cherry MX switches.

The inclusion of Cherry MX switches makes the Attack X3 the third peripheral in Cougar’s lineup to feature the popular brand. The top-tier 700K and its younger sibling, the 600K, are the other two keyboards with mechanical switches. For the Attack X3, you can choose from four Cherry MX options: Red, Brown, Blue or Black. The keyboard also includes backlighting, but it seems that it only offers red or white instead of full RGB. There are also five intervals to choose from for the keyboard brightness settings.

With the Cougar UIX software, you can create custom functions for any key and can  allocate ten keys for macros. The keyboard can store up to three configuration profiles in onboard memory. However you’ll have to buy the more expensive 700K or 600K keyboard for extra amenities such as programmable G-keys and a palm rest.

You can access a few media controls using the Function key and F keys but there are also three dedicated keys on the top right of the keyboard to increase, decrease or mute volume. The Function key also works in combination with F1, F2, and F3 to immediately switch between your three profiles, and the same key can also be used to change the polling rate from four options: 125, 250, 500 and 1000 Hz.

If you live in Europe, Cougar’s latest keyboard is available this month, but U.S. customers will have to wait until Q1 of 2016 to try it out. The price tag is $119.99.


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  • shrapnel_indie
    Looks like A LOT like the 600K... without the palm rest and the extra keys on the very top (M keys and media keys.)