Crytek Shows Off Warface at GDC 2013

Crytek demonstrated their new game Warface at GDC 2013. Warface is Crytek's new free-to-play first-person shooter based on CryEngine 3. It is being developed by Crytek Ukraine(Or Crytek Kiev, depending on who you ask- they are one and the same), and is primarily being created by video game artists living in that region.

Warface has been live in Russia for a year, and is in various stages of closed beta in China and in the west. Most of the testing at this point is designed to test play balance since the engine for the game is quite mature at this point. Much of their concern with play balance is to avoid the game becoming pay-to-win instead of free-to-play.

Like most free-to-play titles, Warface allows players to spend real-world money to upgrade their weapons and equipment for better performance. One way they are trying to prevent the 'paid' weapons from overwhelming the free ones, there are also certain weapons available that can only be purchased using in-game currency they call 'crowns'. Crowns are rewarded for performance - primarily leaderboard positions - thus a free player could conceivably get access to the crown weapons through achievement without spending money on the game. The crown weapons are the best weapons in the game, and cannot be bought using real money.

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System Requirements
Row 0 - Cell 0 MinimumRecommended
OSWindows XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8
CPUDual Core 2.0 GHzIntel Core2Duo E6-series or Athlon64 X2 6400+
Memory1.5 GB2 GB
GPUGeForce 8600 GT 256MB or ATI(AMD)Radeon X1950 256MBGeForce 9600 GT 512MB or ATI(AMD)Radeon HD 4830 512MB
HDD6 GB Hard Drive space

Because the game is exclusively multiplayer, the game is designed to scale to lower systems and perform optimally at lower system specifications. The visuals can be cranked up for those who want high-quality visuals on better equipped machines, or kept lower for performance, even on slower or older machines.

Warface is made to be an 'extremely accessible' first-person shooter that people can jump into and out of. Playing Warface shows excellent visuals and standard FPS controls, so no complex control schemes to learn. Game modes include standard CTF and 'destruction' modes, plus co-op play. There are several co-op missions which cycle through difficulties every day, thus one mission on one map may be 'wasy' one day and 'hard' or 'hardcore' the next. This is not only designed to give players a wider experience but also to allow players who are less skilled a chance at completing all the co-op missions.

Warface is important to Crytek as it is their first venture into the free-to-play game arena and Crytek wants to be in on the foundations of the entire Gaming As A Service venture, as they feel there is going to be a major push into this arena, especially for more casual gamers.

Warface is currently in closed beta in the U.S., most western nations and China. If you'd like to sign up for the beta, go to

  • mazty
    Between this and Planetside 2, Call of Duty and BF are going to have to start offering more than just average MP.
  • officeguy
    Looks good. That was funny at 2:50. The guy is like here is some ammo. Take my damn ammo, somebody take it. I want to give my ammo away. Still nobody takes it :(
  • wanderer11
    Warface sounds like satire of all the generic shooter game titles.
  • blubbey
    Planetside 2, Warface, Quake Live, Blacklight: Retribution, TF2, Tribes: Ascend, Ghost Recon: Online.... Solid f2p FPS's, there's really not much reason to pay for an FPS at this moment in time.
  • CarolKarine
    Well, no reason to pay for online fps. Stuff like Bioshock infinite... I would have paid double for that.
  • janetonly42
    Considering the amount of time I play this type of game I'll take this any day over anything EA has to offer. Another free one that is on STEAM, a MMORPG available on all 3 platforms (Linux, OS X and MS) is Champions of Regnum. It's using the same model of pay for premium stuff. Only level 8 right now so can't speak for game much.
  • dwhapham
    CarolKarineWell, no reason to pay for online fps. Stuff like Bioshock infinite... I would have paid double for that.

    BioShock Infinite is most definitly one of the best FPS's I've every played. It's the "Half Life" or "doom 2" of this hardware generation.
  • stromm
    My son (23) got BioShock Infinite less than five days ago and has already beaten it. That's along with working a 40 hour/week job and taking to college classes. I think he said he only has about ten hours into it.

    No way am I ever paying $50+ dollars for a 10 hour campaign game! That's just not right. Not everyone thinks online deathmatch (yea, I know there's other types like CTF) is all that matters.

    That's why BioShock Infinite is definitely NOT the HL/D2 of this hardware generation. "Pretty" is only skin deep.
  • ARICH5
    can I see your warface? sir? your warface AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! that's a warface.
  • gggplaya
    maztyBetween this and Planetside 2, Call of Duty and BF are going to have to start offering more than just average MP.
    They offer great cinematic campaign missions. Well BF4 will now start offering that, and COD has been offering that.

    Also, planetside 2 sucks.