Play Cut the Rope Now in Your Browser With HTML5

Cut the Rope is one of those great games that's graced the iPhone and Android for quite a while. Now Cut the Rope has been ported to your modern browser through HTML5.

Microsoft debuted it at its CES keynote on Monday night to help promote its Internet Explorer 9 browser. Our quick testing shows that the game works in other HTML5-capable browsers, but Microsoft has a special deal where seven of the 25 levels are new and exclusive to IE9 users.

Players who want to unlock the IE9 exclusive levels must pin the game to their Windows 7 taskbar.

You can play Cut the Rope at

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  • zanny
    So Microsoft thinks releasing games that are platform specific for IE will attract web developers when they are terrible at standards compliance, exploit web monopolies when they have them, and their browser is slow and exploit vulnerable, AND they are the only closed source browser in the race? (Safari as well, but who uses Safari?)
  • It's funny that the game won't even run on Chrome. It crashes immediately.
  • cronik93
    Game played fine for me... on Chrome.