DC Universe Online Trailer is a Real Fan Pleaser

It was Comic-Con last week, which was the perfect place to unveil a little more of the upcoming Sony MMO, DC Universe Online.

The release for this PC and PlayStation 3 game is set for November 2, and console gamers will be relieved to learn that there won't be any need for the PlayStation Plus subscription. The usual monthly MMO rates will still apply, though.

Check out this latest story trailer, which is filled purely with cinematics, but still quite entertaining for anyone who likes the DC Universe.

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  • welshmousepk
    yeah, i was pretty unexcited for this game, btu after this trailer I'm watching closely.

    granted its only cinematic, but if the game has as much attention to detail and the universe I'm sold. may be the MMO that hooks me until SW TOR. after a deluge of average MMOs (Aion springs immediately to mind), it will be nice to see something good, the real question then comes down to this, or FF 14...
  • Cy-Kill
    I found the trailer, it's about 6:15:

    DC Universe Online
  • xerroz
    Flash = a badass