DDR memory gets more expensive

Users who plan to upgrade their PC with more system memory could see some steep price increases over the next few weeks. The DRAMExchange, which monitors semiconductor spot trading prices, said that DDR prices have not only stabilized, but memory chips cost up to 20% more than earlier this year.

While both DDR and DDR2 are showing an upward trend, it is especially DDR2 that accelerates its spot market price and is approaching the levels of regular DDR memory again. According to the DRAMExchange, prices for DDR2 chips have increased between 7.3% (512 Mbit, 667 MHz) and 8.3% (512 Mbit, 533 MHz). DDR memory has seen a more moderate increase between 2.0 - 3.3% in the same time frame.

The price increases are mainly driven by increased demand from motherboard makers, which saw their shipments grow by 9.9% in August. The DRAMExchange also believes that PC OEMs have begun their Christmas shopping, which should put even more pressure on DRAM prices. DRAMExchange analysts expect that the growth in the motherboard market will last at least through September.