Dell's Flagship Tablet PC Unveiled

Round Rock (TX) - For a while it seemed like just a myth, but Dell's convertible Tablet PC has now been officially announced.

The Latitude XT is Dell's first foray into the niche Tablet PC market. Originally announced in the spring of 2006 and once slated for a November 2007 launch, the notebook still isn't quite available for sale, though.

Dell will begin taking orders for it in the next few weeks. The XT will come packed with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. One unique touch (no pun intended) is the incorporation of "multitouch" technology, the same technology used in the iPhone.

Two versions of the computer will be available - one with an LED backlight and one with a CCFL LCD optimized for outdoor use. The screen is 12.1 inches, and the PC uses an ATI Radeon X1250 UMA graphics card.

The XT will start at a retail price of around $2500.