QOTD: Were You Prepared for the Switch to DTV?

It’s been a long, delayed road to the switchover in the U.S. from analog TV broadcasts to all-digital. Today marks the day that the analog frequencies are freed from carrying TV, which means that unless you took the proper steps to ensure that all your hardware was up to snuff, you’re not getting anything on the boob tube.

For a recap of our coverage leading up to today, check out the links below:

We expect that most of you were ready for DTV, but the question of the day is:

Wwere there any of you (or people that you knew) who weren’t prepared for it? Or even better, do you know anyone completely taken by surprise on the sudden cutoff of analog signals?

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  • p05esto
    Sure, I wish 5 years ago. I just wish the govenment didn't spend my tax dollars to give out coupons to others. Since when is TV an essential survival tool that the government needs to hand out to people? WTF. No wonder the economy is crap, our lawmakers don't have a clue and spend money on the dumbest things.
  • tayb
    There are legitimate good reasons for switching to digital... but the market should have decided when that time was to come, not the government. We spent what $25 billion making this switch when we could have just waited about five more years and the market would have switched on its own, for free. Government can't do anything right.
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  • Anonymous
    oh very much so. I have been running dtv/ota hd for about three years now get stations 2-13 just fine. I can see the empire state building from my kitchen window just across the river. so all is good in dtv land
    i was but i didn't see a difference in my TV quality...
  • IronRyan21
    What switch?