Japanese Researchers Discover Way To Squeeze 42 GB Onto A DVD

A team of Japanese researchers have discovered a way to store 42 GB of data on one disc. Well, at least that’s what they claim.

When DVDs first came onto the scene, able to store roughly six times the amount of data that a CD could, it seemed like a pretty cool discovery. CDs and DVDs both have pits (really slight impressions) on the surface of the disc. The pits on DVDs are smaller and aside from that, the space between the pits, the track-spacing, is a lot tighter. DVDs can also have up to 4 layers of information, with 2 layers on either side. All of this means that DVDs can store more a lot data than CDs.

Now a team of researchers at the Tohoku University have discovered a new way of storing the data on a DVD, which enables us to store what amounts to nearly nine discs of data on just one. They say a V-shaped pit can hold as much data as 2^9 flat pits, which means there’s the potential for a disc that can store up to 42 GB of data.

According to CrunchGear the format has two major drawbacks. First of all, the researchers say it cannot be applied to Blu-ray discs, also, the discs are not compatible with regular DVD drives. Given these factors, it’s likely they won’t ever see maintstream production.

Via CrunchGear

  • 1971Rhino
    Well thanks for nothing!
  • falchard
    Sounds like a multi-million investment from Toshiba is in order.
  • KyleSTL
    Sounds like a multi-million investment from Toshiba is in order.
    Followed months later by a multi-billion dollar loss and abandonment of researched technology.
  • yadge
    It seems like they could have thought of this earlier when it actually would have been useful. I mean, I don't know that much about it, but I would think they would try to get as much out of the DVD as soon as possible, and this advancement doesn't really seem like it would have taken that long to figure out.
  • habs2009
    Leave it to the Japanese to take something and make it better :)
  • JonathanDeane
    I wonder why they just do not refine the technology and use it for holographic storage disks.... supposedly those can already store close to 1 TB... (unless the tech is made obsolete by HG storage)
  • Darkk
    When Thomas Edison was busy trying to invent the light bulb he came up with the vacuum tube which didn't work as a light bulb but was later discovered to have a different purpose.

    Still, it's a cool discovery by the Japanese researchers and maybe someday it'll have a purpose.

  • scooterlibby
    "pits(really slight impressions) on the surface of the dics"

    I had that on my dic once, burned like fire! Hey I'll proofread for you Tom's!
  • Neog2
    Toshiba isnt hurting for cash considering they own the majority stake
    of Samsungs DVD buisness wich includes Blu-Ray.
    Its a win, win for them either ways. One way would have just gave them
    more profits.

    Plus they are making tons off of pantents for DVD's.
  • klarkmdb
    If they put more R&D on this one. It would be worth the expense after they prove the technology is working.