founder launches senior citizen social networking site founder Jeff Taylor launching a new social networking site for senior citizens. The site,, is designed for anyone aged 50 and up and will focus on tips on love, finances and health. Members can also create and share their important moments and pictures with an online "Lifemap".

Taylor wants Eons to be a pratical and friendly place for older people and you won't see any Myspace-like videos and juvenile commentary. Members can find tips on healthy living and can even see how long they will live with a Longevity Calculator.

Speaking of longevity, Eons will have an obituary search that it claims will examine over 77 million obituary entries. Members can also create "death alerts" and get emails if a friend has died.

Several sponsors ranging from hotel chains, like Harrah's Entertainment and Hyatt Corporation, to life insurance companies have partnered up with Eons. Senior citizens are a lucrative demographic for companies to go after and Metlife recently released a study saying the baby boomer generation has a combine $2 trillion dollar worth of annual spending power. claims that 71% of its members are between 50 and 60 years old. Prospective members fill out a short form that includes a date of birth. People that are younger than 50 years old are immediately rejected.