Epic Games Updates 'Paragon' With New Hero, Skins, Loot Crates

Epic Games updated Paragon, its free-to-play MOBA currently available as an open beta for PC and PlayStation 4, with a new hero and two cosmetic skins. The game also received other improvements, such as the ability to choose between its three musical themes, to help fine-tune the experience.

Paragon works like most other MOBAs: You choose a "hero," guide them through maps divided into several lanes, and use their special abilities to take out enemies or destroy your opponents' base. Paragon also lets you purchase and equip various "cards" that change your hero's abilities or upgrade certain stats, which offers more control over how each hero plays and gives Epic the chance to sell these items in exchange for real-world currency.

The game's newest hero is Revenant, an "unholy melding of malevolent spirit and vicious bounty hunter" who "relies on isolating targets and collecting bounties," Epic said in the blog post. Revenant is a ranged Carry--one of the main roles each hero can fill on a team--who's supposed to hit as hard as possible as quickly as he can. You can learn more about how Revenant plays in this overview trailer:

Paragon also received two new Rogue skins for existing heroes, Sparrow and Killari, and its in-game loot crates have been updated with other skin variants. Epic also rebalanced much of the game--health regeneration has slowed, respawn times have been reduced, and move speed penalties incurred now have minimum lengths of effect. The game's user interface has also been improved, and various bugs have been squashed.

You can find the full list of changes in this update, which should be available now on PC and PS4, on the Paragon website.

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