New Eye-Fi SD Card Connects To Smartphones

 The Eye-Fi Mobile X2 integrates 8 GB of memory and is able to create a Wi-Fi connection to smartphones or tablets such as the iPad without the need of a WLAN or a Hot Spot. The technology is called Direct Mode and will be supported with free Android and iOS apps.

The manufacturer said that the new card will be released to retail on April 17 and sell for $80. Direct Mode will be offered as a free upgrade to previous X2 cards later this week. The X2 Pro will be reduced in price from $150 to $100.   

“When we undertook a redesign of the Eye-Fi card line a little over two years ago, the new X2 card platform promised users the potential for new, exciting capabilities over time. Today we see another one of these revolutionary capabilities come to life: Direct Mode,” says Yuval Koren, co-founder and chief product officer of Eye-Fi.

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  • vk_87
    Great! Thanks to you, Apple, we have an ecosystem of products which should have been "actually" integrated in your devices. But its all right, i'll just get another 3rd party app for that
  • house70
    SD Card and ipad? Where?
  • nukemaster
    This card has been sold for some time for digicam users. It is a nice feature for all your images to auto transfer to your computer.