'FF XIV' Japanese Data Centers Under DDoS Attack

Because Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular massively multiplayer online titles today, it’s commonly subjected to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Another major attack occurred recently, and it affects game worlds on the Japanese data centers.

If your character is on a Japanese-based server, you’ll experience some login and disconnection issues. If you’re currently playing, you’ll notice increased difficulty in terms of sending and receiving data from the server.

A DDoS attack on the Japanese data center affects a major portion of the player base. Square Enix uses three Japanese data centers for Final Fantasy XIV, and they host 32 game servers combined. North America has 24 servers in two data centers, and the the single European hub contains only 10 servers.

At the moment, the company said that it’s aware of the problem and is “taking countermeasures.” Square Enix said that it will provide additional updates when more information becomes available.

A quick look at the status-based news on the game’s Lodestone website show that it’s constantly targeted with these attacks. However, the latest is a little different. On November 12, the company reported a DDoS attack that used a new pattern. This attacked started on October 27, and most of its focus was on North American servers. To help mitigate the damage, Square Enix said that it’s working with internet service providers, and it’s also bolstering its own defenses. We reached out to Square Enix for additional details about the new methods as well as its plans for withstanding these attacks.

Based on past events, it’s possible that the company can get its Japanese data centers back to full operating capacity within a few days. However, these new attacks could keep players offline longer than expected.

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  • pyro411
    My guess... some script kiddie tried cheating, bot banned, and went all holier than thou and attacked the servers for unjustly banning him/her for doing what they believe they're entitled to do since their parents pay for a subscription to the service for them.