'Final Fantasy XI' Invites Former Players Back to Play

Square Enix is inviting former Final Fantasy XI players back to the game for a few weeks as part of a free promotion running from Nov. 10-24.

The aim of the Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign is to allow veterans to come back and see what's changed over the last 15 years that the game's been operational. Much has been improved upon or expanded since it debuted, including mechanics that make leveling feel like less of a slog than it used to.

Square Enix added a new series of campaign missions to help guide returning players and get them back in the swing of things, as well as an array of new, free items each week. You simply need to log in to claim them. In addition, alter egos are back for a limited time; these NPCs facilitate solo leveling, so you won't have to worry about finding parties to play with.

To qualify for the promotion, you must have an active PlayOnline/Final Fantasy XI service account. Further, your inactive character options must be set to "Canceled" status as of Nov. 7, 2017. Your PlayOnline account must also have been transferred to your Square Enix account.

If you decide Vana'diel's call to you is so loud that you can't resist,Vana'diel Collection 4 will be up for grabs at a reduced rate, so you can jump right back in for less cash. The character world transfer service will also be available at a lower price for a limited time, which should make it simpler to pull the trigger on playing with others.

Classic MMORPGs are rather en vogue at the moment, especially with Blizzard bringing fans a World of Warcraft Classic server, and now Square Enix offering this service for Final Fantasy XI fans. There are plenty of things to enjoy about the past when it comes to both of these games, and with the improvements made in the interim, they're worth taking a look at again, even if it's just to satisfy those pangs of nostalgia.

  • alexanderfwolf
    Uh. While that is Shantotto, that cutscene is from a cross over event from XIV that happened like 3 years ago, dude. That's not even XI.
  • srowe1182
    That is definitely XIV. Wish they would bring that event back.
  • CelicaGT
    Considering it says XIV on the copyright notice, bottom left of the ss. While I'd love to give ol XI a whirl (many of my FC members played) I certainly don't have the time between a full time job and XIV.. Wonder if this is a last blast testing popularity before a server shutdown, is XI still fairly populated? As much as I hate to see old games disappear it would be nice to see some more effort spent on XIV aka the current cash cow.
  • logainofhades
    I played FFXI up until about the time WoW BC came out. Might look into this.