Firefox 7.0.1 Available for Download Now

UPDATE: Mozilla has just pushed out version 7.0.1, which takes care of that pesky missing add-on bug. All is well now, though, so update with confidence!

Does it feel just like yesterday that you updated to Firefox 6? And the day before it Firefox 5? Well, today it's time for Firefox 7.

Today Mozilla released released Firefox 7 across all major platforms. According to Mozilla, Firefox 7 manages memory more efficiently to deliver quicker browsing experience. Promised performance improvements in Firefox 7 include: faster at opening new tabs, clicking on menu items and buttons on websites. Heavy Internet users will also supposedly enjoy "enhanced performance when lots of tabs are open and during long web browsing sessions that last hours or even days."

New tools in Firefox make it easier for developers to build snappy Web experiences for users. A new version of hardware-accelerated Canvas speeds up HTML5 animations and games in Firefox. This allows developers to build more compelling and interactive Web experiences like Angry Birds or Runfield.Firefox now supports the W3C navigation timing spec API so developers can measure page load time and website navigation against bandwidth speed, website traffic and other factors. This API allows developers to test user experiences remotely and easily and quickly optimize websites and Web apps for different types of users.To help improve future versions of Firefox, users can opt in to Telemetry. Telemetry is a tool built on Mozilla Privacy Principles that allows users to provide anonymous browser performance data in a private and secure way that they control.

Download Firefox 7.0.1 at the links below:

Marcus Yam
Marcus Yam served as Tom's Hardware News Director during 2008-2014. He entered tech media in the late 90s and fondly remembers the days when an overclocked Celeron 300A and Voodoo2 SLI comprised a gaming rig with the ultimate street cred.
  • bystander
    It feels like just a few months ago, I was using Firefox 4. Now we are at 7? Within a couple years, are we going to be at 20?
  • yyk71200
    Does it mean we'll have another browser GrandPrix? Yeass!!
  • @bystander

    that would suggest she ages backwards.... oh wait your talking about the browser :p
  • zanny
    bystanderIt feels like just a few months ago, I was using Firefox 4. Now we are at 7? Within a couple years, are we going to be at 20?
    Were at a 3 month release schedule it seems, so in a "couple" years, assuming that is 3, we would be at 19 going on 20, yes.

    Chrome is already at version ~14. Its just web browser epeen at this point.

    Ive been using the ff7 beta for a while, so yeah. Not much tangible improvement over 6 but whatever. Apparently the new craze is to throw all logical versioning schemes out the window.
  • x Heavy
    What is with the Lady in the picture? Is that supposed to imply that anyone can use Firefox? Or is it supposed to somehow draw millions of Pre-puberty teens to download?
  • burnley14
    Just downloaded this new version, and it looks like they changed the fonts. It's a subtle difference, but the fonts are definitely different from previous versions of FF.
  • figgus
    The new numbering scheme... SUCKS!!!

    That is all.
  • Branden
    does it feel like just yesterday that i upgraded to version 6? no that felt like last week, just YESTERDAY was when it feels like i got all my broken add-ons working again.
  • Kileak
    FF7 had a great story. I liked FF9 best even though most people don't.

    Wonder if this FF7 will star Cloud as the hero too.
  • zulutech
    Thumbs up if you clicked because of the hot lady.