Mozilla Working On Browser For Web Designers

A long time ago, web designers had it easy. All they had to do was write a little bit of HTML code, slap in a few pictures and animated GIFs, and throw the files on a web server. The biggest job was to make sure the web pages worked correctly in the popular browsers. Now, 20 years later, the job has increased tenfold, requiring tons of knowledge and multiple tools to get a website up and running.

Mozilla apparently wants to change that. The company updated its blog on Monday with news that it's developing a browser focused solely on web developers. Currently, the browser is dubbed as "fx10" and is scheduled to be revealed in its entirety on Nov. 10.

"It's built by developers for developers so you can debug the whole Web, allowing you to more easily build awesome Web experiences," the blog states. "It also integrates some powerful new tools like WebIDE and the Firefox Tools Adapter."

WebIDE is a tool built into Firefox that allows developers to create apps for the web from a functioning blueprint so they don't have to start from scratch. Developers can create, edit and test their applications within the browser.

Meanwhile, the Firefox Tools Adapter is also a Firefox add-on that can connect to other browser engines. According to Mozilla, developers can use their desktop environment to work simultaneously on smaller-screen devices. This toolset includes Console, Debugger and Inspector.

"Soon, we're going to bring you more, a lot more, in a package that you deserve as a builder for an independent Web," the blog adds. An accompanying teaser video says that Mozilla's developer team is building "something unique but familiar."

To be notified when the developer browser will be made available, sign up for Mozilla's Hacks newsletter. Interested developers can also keep track of the browser's progress and reception by following #Fx10 on Twitter.

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