Nvidia Releases X58/SLI ForceWare

Did you hear that? Nvidia has just released its ForceWare 180.48 drivers, aka ‘Big Bang II’. The new ForceWare set is required to enable SLI on ‘some’ new and upcoming Intel X58 Express based boards.

We covered a bit regarding the ‘Big Bang II’ release, and beta release a while back, and they have just become available on the Nvidia website this morning. The WHQL-certified driver packages are available for Windows Vista(x86), Windows Vista(x64), Windows XP(x86), and Windows XP(x64).

As covered in previous articles here on Tom’s Hardware, the new 180.48 ForceWare release comes with several new features, including but not limited to, multiple game performance increases, multi-display support for SLI configurations, options to dedicate an entire GPU to PhysX processing, and of course SLI for some Intel X58 Express boards.

Here is a short list of some games and rough performance increases:

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IncreaseGame / Application
Up to 10%3DMark Vantage (performance preset)
Up to 13%Assassin’s Creed
Up to 13%BioShock
Up to 15%Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
Up to 10%Crysis Warhead
Up to 25%Devil May Cry 4
Up to 38%Far Cry 2
Up to 18%Race Driver: GRID
Up to 80%Lost Planet: Colonies
Up to 18%World of Conflict

One thing that users should be aware of is that ForceWare 180.48 only supports GeForce 200-series, GeForce 9-series, and GeForce 8800-series cards. The multi-display SLI feature apparently does not work on the Windows XP platform for now – we’ve confirmed this with both Windows XP (x86) and (x64).Lastly, SLI on supported Intel X58 based boards currently only works with GeForce 9800 GTX, GTX+, GX2, and 200-series GPUs. This could potentially change with future revisions of the 18x.xx ForceWare releases.

  • Pei-chen
    "World of Conflict" or "World in Conflict"?
  • kyeana
    Its about time these came out, long past overdue to have a multiple monitor set up with sli.
  • randomizer
    Pei-chen"World of Conflict" or "World in Conflict"?It should be World in Conflict. Apparently these re-enable the Flat Panel Scaling option in the NvCP which hasn't worked since the first 180 release.