Nvidia ‘Big Bang II’ Close to Release?

Back in August, Many rumor sites noted that Nvidia’s ForceWare 180 drivers will introduce several major changes.

The 180 ForceWare release has been dubbed the release as “Big Bang II” in reference to the “Big Bang” release that introduced SLI support.

According to the rumors, the drivers were to make an appearance in September, however that is obviously not the case now. BUT, VR-Zone has posted a bunch of screenshots, apparently showing the ForceWare 180 driver control panel in action. You can view VR-Zone’s gallery here.

We all know that screenshots are easy to fake, but these ones at VR-Zone appear to be authentic. On a system containing dual GeForce GTX 280 cards and a pair of 22” displays, the drivers provide two novel options – A PhysX configuration page and settings for multiple displays in SLI mode. Currently, PhysX options reside in a separate control panel application, and enabling SLI involves the user manually switching to single-display mode. Essentially, there is no true SLI multi-monitor support. The multi-monitor section of the ForceWare 180 control panel shows what appears to be both dual-view and cloning modes.

You can see a warning on the control panel that says “Cloning the SLI focus display will reduce performance for fullscreen applications.”

There have been no new rumored release dates as of current, but some people believe it is going to be very soon.

  • big bang II my a** this doesn't do anything... its just a naming scheme... they should have already added support for multi monitor sli support...

    they are losing and they know it now they are just bull sh*ting to try to win customers back... (losing this generation war atleast... maybe not overall)
  • randomizer
    178.10 beta for Vista x64
  • bf2gameplaya
    The forceware 177's have finaly fixed a long standing DirectDraw bug with the Infinity engine and the GeForce8 series, Planescape Torment, Baldur's gate, etc.

    With hardware settings, you would get black instead of transparent, ugly. Changed to software you got your transparency back, but ugly mouse trails and slow performance. Now all is as it should be.

    My point is there are thousand fixes big and small still to be done, keep picking up the loose bits like that DD bug as you press on relentlessly forward nVidia and you will keep your users!

  • antilycus
    i'd still take NVDA drivers over ATI Drivers anyday... except for if I ran Vista Pre SP1
  • beta drivers are already online
  • ati drivers are so much better... having owned both ATI drivers are much better...

    that being said... i don't really care too much... but if the performance is similar... i know i'll be getting the ATI counterpart (like 5 %)
  • nukemaster
    I will have to run some tests. before the 4870's game out my 8800GTX was hell(crash, freeze, poor performance on very old games) under Vista(and great under XP) and all I could do was blame MS(after all, it worked right in XP). One day for the fun of it I tried my old X1900XT(I was also doing some power consumption tests) and guess what? problems gone.

    One 4870 later and its stayed gone(My girl friends computer missed its video card, it now lives with that 8800GTX anyway). But I would not mind testing the last 2 NV drivers that have been released as I did send bug reports and when I did that on XP it was always fixed on the next release(but that where so far appart some times).
  • kelfen
    The mounthly drivers for ATI is nice, good work on there part
  • alvine
    I agree I'm not fanboy of any sort (I have nvidia 8600 in my laptop, 4850 in desktop) and currently ati drivers are much better. They release them monthly that shows they work hard on them to make out lives easier. Also their numbering thing is much easier to follow (8.8, 8.9, 8.10) not like nvidia and their 1xx.xx scheme...it just makes my head hurt :p
  • blackwidow_rsa
    I have an opposite experience. My pc bsod'd daily with my x600xt, no matter what drivers. Its mysteriously dissappeared when i got my 8500GT pos edition.