'Fortnite' Horde Mode Pits You Against Waves Of Undead

Fortnite recently garnered attention by adding a 100-player Battle Royale mode, but the game’s foundation was built on its cooperative-based missions. Epic Games is adding more of that content later this week with the Horde Bash update.

When it launches on October 5, the update will include a new mode called “Challenge the Horde,” which replaces Survive the Storm event that started last August. The event includes over 100 challenges, and each one includes 10 waves of enemies with varying “mutations,” or modifiers, that will test your skills.

According to a forum post from the developers, each challenge is suited for a team of four players. Each person will need to build their team prior to the start of the match. Depending on the challenge you pick, you’ll only have a specific set of resources to use for your fortress. Once your base is done, you’ll link up with the other members of your squad, who also built their own fortifications, and start the wave-based event. Each player can enlist the help of a computer-controlled Defender character to keep the undead horde at bay.

Completing challenges in the event yields Scavenger Tickets, which you can use to purchase one of the four new Scavenger heroes available in the update. Other rewards from the match include a rare Defender, weapon schematics, transformation keys, or a legendary Scavenger hero. The update will also include 25 new progression quests, which will also provide its own set of rewards.

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