'Fortnite' Tests Your Skills In Survival Mode Update

Those playing Fortnite in its Early Access stage will get new content on August 29 as part of the Survive the Storm update. In addition to new weapons and characters, the update will introduce a limited-time Survival mode event.

In this scenario, you and your team need to gather resources to craft fortifications, traps, and ammunition during the day. Similar to Fortnite’s traditional gameplay, a powerful storm appears, which spawns terrifying monsters that attack your base. However, these enemies are different than your average horde of undead: Some of them are enraged, which means that they’re more aggressive and move faster than other foes. You’ll need to concentrate your fire on these powerful beings if you want to prevent major damage to your base. You also have a limited amount of health in Survival mode, so it’s best to play conservatively if you want to stay alive until the next morning.

If you manage to survive the night, you’ll get “special loot” as a reward. In addition, you’ll also receive tickets that you can use to redeem one of the new Hydraulic armaments. The new arsenal set features high-impact weapons, which can deal heavy damage against enemies.

In addition to the new weapon set and Survival mode, the update also includes new Heroes and Defenders (computer-controlled allies) for you to collect. A new patch is also available to download today that contains a few bug fixes for the game.

You can find out more about the game by watching our archived livestream where we show off two hours of Fortnite gameplay.

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TypeSurvival, Co-op
DeveloperEpic Games, People Can Fly
PublisherEpic Games
PlatformsWindows, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Where To BuyFortnite
Release DateJuly 25, 2017 (Early Access)
  • Gaidax
    Stay away from that game like from fire, not only they ask AAA fee for what effectively is a mix of Alpha and Beta with 2 out 4 major zones being unfinished placeholders, but they also added the most cancerous RNG loot microtransaction store where you don't even know what's in the boxes you buy, which is the only real way of getting anything in the game.

    Community is full for leeches and afkers you carry, balance is atrocious with most heroes being bad and you can't even choose a hero to play, have to pray for RNG to give you one.

    Game bleeds players like mad and the studio seems to be in for a quick whale hunting and cash grab before this thing dies completely.

    Just read the reviews out there, the game is literally being choked by corporate greed of Epic proportions.

    You have been warned.
  • hunshiki
    @GAIDAX: I agree, and not agree.

    There is one major thing where it's all at. The game has been redone plenty of times. From the ground up. They have re-done the entire game, gameplay included a dozen times, which is really something. But no matter how many times they tried, the end result was never really fun.

    What reflects this best is the current state of the game. They had some last iteration and then the board at EPIC said "STOP". From that point they worked hard to slap together an UI and voila, that's how you get the current Fortnite.

    tl;dr: It's an unfinished product.

    Is it "killed" by suits? Not exactly. Just think about it, look it up. How many years did they give to the Fortnite team? And they never delivered a single solid piece of game, ever. Imagine how much money that cost Epic, holy hell. And they kept up with it, gave them a new chance, then another, and another. And that went on for God knows how long.

    I think the game should have been killed way back then at the very first iteration. Or, the dev team should have replaced the leads with people who know how to ship good products in time. But with the current team, the game is just good as dead. I feel sorry for the folks who purchased it, it wasn't exactly a cheap game either. (And most perks were straight out useless. Like the "AI defenders".)