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'Forza Horizon 3' Goes Gold, System Requirements Revealed

The development team at Playground Games announced today that Forza Horizon 3 has gone gold weeks before its September 27 launch, which means that the master disc of the game is finished, and the process of creating both the physical retail discs and the digital version of the game is now underway. In addition to the announcement, the team also published the game’s system requirements.

As a PC player, you’ll have access to multiple visual options for Forza Horizon 3 such as motion blur, VSync, static and dynamic geometry, and of course, support for 4K resolution. However, it seems that you’ll need a powerful computer to meet the requirements.

Forza Horizon 3 RequirementsRecommended
CPUIntel Core i7-3820 (3.6 GHz, Sandy Bridge E)
GPUNvidia GeForce GTX 970 or 1060 / AMD R9 290X or RX 480
Storage55 GB
OSWindows 10 Anniversary Edition (64-bit, Version 14393.101)
DirectX VersionVersion 12

It’s somewhat strange to see 12 GB as the amount of memory required for a game, as most system requirements have 8 or 16 GB RAM for minimum and recommended specs, respectively. However, it’s a sign that that the 8 GB standard for games is nearing its end. Developers are making games that can push computer hardware to its limits, and you’ll need to eventually upgrade your RAM (as well as your CPU and GPU) if you want to play the latest AAA titles.

At E3, creative director Ralph Fulton mentioned that wheel support would be available at launch. The developers briefly touched on the subject again and said that more information on peripherals will come in the future.

On the console side, Forza Horizon 3 is the first game that supports the high-dynamic range (HDR) visual feature, which increases the range between lights and darks. However, you’ll need a TV that supports the feature as well as the new Xbox One S.

NameForza Horizon 3
DeveloperPlayground Games
PlatformsPC, Xbox One
Release DateSeptember 27, 2016
Where To BuyXbox Store (opens in new tab)Best Buy (opens in new tab)Target (opens in new tab)Walmart (opens in new tab)GameStop (opens in new tab)
  • jjbtexas
    I believe 12gb was a requirement for Halo 5 on the PC (1080p 60hz or something). Microsoft must think the triple channel days are back.
  • Amdlova
    you can add two 4gb and two 2 gb kit to have 12gb? or only triple channel can do this config ??????
  • jjbtexas
    18523219 said:
    you can add two 4gb and two 2 gb kit to have 12gb? or only triple channel can do this config ??????

    You can, but it's not exactly common. If they still used triple channel, 12gb would probably be pretty common. In triple channel you'd have 3x4gb or 6x2gb.
  • 2Be_or_Not2Be
    The recommended PC specs are so large, and yet the consoles somehow get by with lowly Jaguar CPUs... (sigh)
  • jjbtexas
    they'll also play at 1080 30fps or 720 60fps. You definitely don't need a i7 and 970 for 720p.
  • wifiburger
    yeah, I think their goal is to sell it to 10 000 people lol,
    xbox exclusive games moving to pc because their xbox is a turd do not sell !
  • Specialist_K
    Obvious minimum specs smart guys
  • xfrgtr
    no,12gb is recommended not required